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Journal Entry: Tue Nov 27, 2012, 4:09 PM

In september this year i decided that i would try to get myself a job next to the Informatic Studies. I heard from a friend in class that the GAMESTOP next to where i live was hiring store employe, or salesman. I got the job and have been working almost all saturdays since. But last weekend i changed shift with a co-worker.

Then me and my boyfriend Markus decided to visit his hut in Rjukan. We've been togheter for a year tomorrow, so it was time for me to see his family cottage. The cottage was outside of the "town", if you can call it a town. It had a few stores lined up next to each other like i a western movie. A little cinema and a few industrial buildings.

Rjukan is actualy just a big valley, a big valley with enormous mountians, the lights almost never reaches the bottom. And in this dark vally there is a lake. The lake from is reeking of steam, and so the whole valley is just covered by a big mist in the winter season.

While we drove around in the center of town to buy some food, Markus told me that somewhere, on the other side of the bridge, there had once been (or still was) a mental hospital. We drove and crossed the bridge to the other side to scout. There were several huge buildings very simular to each other, and one stood out. It had windows lined up with old curtains and flowers and beds, similary designed, one by one. We drove around the building to have another look. The place was pretty creepy, just like beeing in a scary movie. Then we decided to drive back. And then i saw the one window where the lights weren't out startet blinking, and never stopped. What a creepy feeling, we drove on.

The next building on that side of the bridge was something that looked almost like a castle. I decided to take a picture of it, so i rolled down my window and took out the camera. Then I heard a scream, and it wasn't just a girly/childish/cat scream, it was a huge manscream screaming in pain from a far distance.

We looked at each other, put down the camera, and just drove on...
The rest of the weekend we spent in the cottage which where higher up in the mountains and outside of town. We played monopol, he learned me poker and we watched poor films on the one tv channel we had.

Rjukan by Rogerdatter The road by Rogerdatter
The railroad by Rogerdatter  Forgotten house by Rogerdatter

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